4th Survey on Tourist Preferences


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This survey is carried out in the European Union on behalf of the Eurorest hotel association. The issuer of the Vouchers is TLG Travel Group, LLC.
16 years of GeoPlus. Since 2006 we have been conducting opinion surveys in the Europen Union for private operators and institutions.
GeoPlus. All rights reserved. Poll ID: 948D77202. This survey is dedicated to selected user groups to whom the organizer addresses invitations through partners. Vouchers entitling to free nights, available to the Participants of the study, are distributed until stocks are exhausted. The issuer of the Vouchers is TLG Travel Group LLC. A fee is charged for the issue and delivery of the Voucher PLN 58.50. The holder of the Voucher, who takes advantage of free nights, is obliged to pay the dietary rates at the center for the entire period of stay. The database of centers accepting Vouchers along with all the conditions of stay is presented in the Hotel Catalog. The survey is not an initiative, nor is it carried out in cooperation with any official structure of the European Union. The data collected in the survey is processed in accordance with the privacy policy, and the conclusions in the form of a report are delivered to Participants and interested parties.