Individual Tourism in Europe 2022

How many times have you left in the last summer?

What class of hotels do you choose most often?

What do you think about Last Minute occasions?

Answer 22 questions, share your opinion and get a Voucher for 3 days of free accommodation for 2 people in 500 hotels in Europe - to be used within 12 months.
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What's in the survey?
The survey of the 5th edition of the survey contains 22 closed questions about your travel habits and style, preferences and expectations towards tourism infrastructure in Europe, your tourism budget and the impact of the pandemic on your recent tourism activity.

Estimated time to complete the survey is about 4 minutes . The data is collected anonymously, and each Participant has the right to receive a free report upon completion of the study.

By taking part in the survey, you contribute to shaping the current trends in the tourism industry in Europe . Opinions collected by GeoPlus are transformed into conclusions and suggestions, and then made widely available to hotels and guesthouses across Europe, as well as travel agencies and other actors in the tourism industry.
Your vote counts!

In return, the Research Sponsor made a pool of Vouchers available for Participants at 5 days of accommodation in 500 hotels in Europe.
How to use the Voucher?
1. Download the PDF Voucher after completing the survey.

Immediately after completing the survey, we will redirect you to the form where you will be able to download the Voucher in PDF version.

2. Select a resort and make a reservation

You can choose from 500 hotels in 15 European countries: Italy, Austria, France, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro. Choose any resort, book your stay by e-mail or phone and inform the hotel staff that you are the holder of the GeoPlus Voucher.

3. Print the voucher and present it to the hotel.

Please print the downloaded Voucher as a PDF and present it to the hotel reception on arrival. You will be exempt from paying for accommodation for the entire period of stay together with an accompanying person.
Principles of the study
All answers you give during the survey are anonymous . At no stage will you be asked for any of your personal data.

GeoPlus has a limited pool of Vouchers for free accommodation and distributes them according to the order of completed questionnaires. For the time of completing the questionnaire, the Voucher is reserved for each Participant for 15 minutes, so that he can guarantee its receipt after the end of the questionnaire.

GeoPlus also has a small pool of Vouchers for 5 days of accommodation , which it distributes along with the main pool. It may happen that your Voucher is extended free of charge to 5 nights for 2 people.

Take part in the survey, share your opinion and profit 1 free accommodation for 2 people to use during the year in 500 hotels.


Thank you in advance for your participation.
The GeoPlus team
16 years of GeoPlus. Since 2006 we have been conducting opinion surveys in the Europen Union for private operators and institutions.
GeoPlus. All rights reserved. Poll ID: 948D77202. This survey is dedicated to selected user groups to whom the organizer addresses invitations through partners. Vouchers entitling to free nights, available to the Participants of the study, are distributed until stocks are exhausted. The issuer of the Vouchers is TLG Travel Group LLC. A fee is charged for the issue and delivery of the Voucher PLN 78.50. The holder of the Voucher, who takes advantage of free nights, is obliged to pay the dietary rates at the center for the entire period of stay. The database of centers accepting Vouchers along with all the conditions of stay is presented in the Hotel Catalog. The survey is not an initiative, nor is it carried out in cooperation with any official structure of the European Union. The data collected in the survey is processed in accordance with the privacy policy, and the conclusions in the form of a report are delivered to Participants and interested parties.