4th Survey on Tourist Preferences

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in order to participate in the 4th edition of Survey on Tourist Preferences and receive a Voucher for 3-day accommodation, we first need to allocate an ID and send you an invitation.

That is why sign up and in a moment you shall obtain your ID and participate in the survey.

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Brief rules of participation
Get the ID
Each person with assigned ID is temporary guaranteed a Voucher for 3-day accommodation in any hotel from the Sponsor's association.
Participate in the survey
Click the individual link in the e-mail you have received and answer 20 questions in the survey questionnaire. As soon as you finish you shall be redirected to collect the Voucher.
Collect your Voucher
The Voucher will be send by post to the address indicated. You can use it within 6 months in one 1000 hotels in Europe.
The number of Vouchers intended to allocate during the survey is limited. When there are no Vouchers available at a given moment, you shall get a message and you will be registered for the next edition of the survey where you will get the priority of participation.
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